Chocolaterie de Pierre’s cafés were crafted with great love and care – to the delight of sweet tooths everywhere!
Choco, the first Chocolaterie de Pierre café, opened in Tallinn’s Old Town in 2003.
Hidden away in the master craftsmen’s courtyard on Vene Street, the cosy café is easy to find if you follow the delicious scent of coffee and chocolate and listen out for the music gently playing away in the background. And you’re sure to be greeted by our friendly labrador, Barry.
In summer 2006 we opened a Chocolaterie de Pierre café on Town Hall Square in Tartu on the day of the Tartu City festival (St Peter & St Paul’s Day). From the moment we opened we won the hearts of the locals!
Pierre is a true café in the most literal sense of the word. You will find it full of coffee lovers, chatting happily together, as well as an impressive menu of French and Italian cuisine. Not to mention our tempting chocolate cakes, torts and truffles!
Café Josephine opened on 1 March 2008 in Tallinn. It is a café boutique in early 20th century style, and was originally known as Café de Paris.
The Paris of the 1920s and 1930s had long been close to Mr Pierre’s heart, which led us to Josephine Baker, a striking and stylish dancer and singer from the period. That’s where the café’s name comes from.
You will always find French music playing in our cafés.
All of Pierre’s cafés are so delightful and warm that you simply have to pop in and visit them!